“We need to see from the customer’s eyes what our product will look like. Only then will it fulfill the purpose it was produced for.


We believe in a strong relationship by trust in our clients, business friends, and employees which we experienced for the last 15 years. Our clients are not only our patrons but our top priority. To reach the client’s satisfaction and their edge we develop our product line with our new indigenous technologies. A large number of clients of high repute are proof that we are on the right track. In worldwide activities of KISHOR, all our employees are facing new challenges daily, and we will be happy to help clients to find a solution for dyestuff and intermediate requirements. Competition is the driving force in the dyes and intermediates industry. The competition that is not just the national phase but increasing on a global scale. Shortly we will see India as a significant player in the world’s dyes and intermediates market and us proud to be a part.‘Quality is the best way of eliminating competition.’ We have set high standards and continuously outdone ourselves in maintaining impeccable standards of quality.